Laser or Inkjet Printers – How are They Different?

Laser or Inkjet Printers – How Are They Different?
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The vision of UAE is to become the world’s 3D printing hub, and the country is keenly advancing in making a dream come true. There has been a numerable option of office printers for sale, and significant growth is expected in the coming years. Various companies have inkjet and laser printer for sale in the UAE with all-in-one features that meet every need of a company’s business activities. Majorly, Inkjet and Laser printer are used and preferred by most companies and individual for office and home purpose. Let’s list down the difference.

Pricing and Affordability

Laser printers are pretty cheap as compared to inkjet printers. Hence the sale of laser printers rises due to its affordability component. Any individual who needs an all-rounder printer and gets it at a cheaper rate will undoubtedly go for it without a second thought. A great range of options is available with both printer models without affecting your budget.

Quality and Efficiency

When it comes to the quality of the printers, both printers are commendable. Inkjet printers are considered the powerhouse in delivering high-resolution color printing. Whereas, laser printers are popular to produce solid colors and better black and white results. Both models have competitive features when it comes to the quality assurance of the product. Hence both are the most sought-after products in the UAE printing market.

Print Speed and Volume

Laser printers are often engineered for office use, and that’s why they have high speed in printing. On the other hand, inkjet printers are equally efficient but little slower in printing at about 16 ppm. Laser printers are preferred when it comes to printing volumes faster since they produce more documents in comparison to inkjet printers.

Page Yield

Inkjet printers use liquid cartridges, while Laser printers use toner cartridges that are generally in powder form. Inkjet cartridges dry, if not for a long time, while the Laser printer cartridges can be used for a more extended period even if the printer is not in use. Comprising the revolutionary RIPS technology, the inkjet models can print between 84000 prints using a single cartridge, whereas laser printers with toner cartridges yield around 2000 and more pages.


Based on your printing and feature requirements, you must choose the right printer with appropriate qualities. Right from producing higher volume prints to clear printing, both laser and inkjet printers offer quality features to fulfill all the printing requirements. Both printers excel in the printing industry with the features they have to offer using modern technologies.

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