HP Printers and Plotters

With nearly five decades of experience in developing computing and printing technology, HP is a name you can trust if you are looking for high-quality printers. At Printone, we offer genuine HP printers on sale for some of the lowest prices in the market. Based in Dubai, we have in stock an expansive HP printers range featuring both small-budget home printers as well as multifunction office printers. When compared to other competing brands, HP’s printers stand apart due to their faster printing speed and higher print quality. Additionally, the brand has developed numerous bespoke software programs to help make the printers more secure, intuitive, and simple to use. Our HP product catalog includes not only a large selection of printers, but also a wide range of ink cartridges, plotters, and paper reels.

Whether you are looking to buy a photo printer or an office workhorse, we here at Printone can help with your requirement. If you are not looking to buy an HP plotter or printer outright, we also do offer leasing and rental options. If you need some assistance deciding what your organization’s printing needs are, then feel free to reach out to us as we also offer managed print solutions.

Whether you would like to purchase, rent, lease, or seek advice on HP printers and plotters that we have on sale, then visit our website, send an email or give us a call and we will be happy to help!

HP Printers

Why Opt for HP Printers And Accessories?

Synonymous with quality and longevity, HP’s products are often used as a quality benchmark within the industry. The extensive range of HP printers, plotters, and related accessories are not only affordable, but they are also readily available and ensure that you never have to struggle with refills or maintenance. Whether you are looking for an HP plotter, inkjet printer, or laser printers, Printone has a variety of HP printers on sale to accommodate your needs.


One of the most common after-sales issues that customers face with printers is hardware-related problems. However, HP’s range of printers and plotters stand head and shoulders above their competition in this regard, with most of their products able to work error-free for up to five years.


HP’s printers are widely recognized for their excellent text and photo printing quality. Their customer support system is also among the best within the industry.

Value for Money

HP’s multifunctional printers available on sale combine the beauty of a printer, scanner, and fax machine all into one saving you from purchasing three separate devices. In short, HP’s MFP printers guarantee value for money.

Eco-Friendly Products

Recycling and energy preservation are a way of life at HP. All of their products are Energy Star approved, and all of their cartridges and products are recyclable.

Our HP Product Catalog


If you seek an adaptable printer that delivers unparalleled performance combined with professional quality and high speeds, then the HP printer is an ideal solution. Our stylish and affordable HP printers come in various models to suit both home and office use. From simple to high-flow complex printing, these printers are flexible and cater to varied needs.


A plotter is a term applied to printers that print large-scale images and drawings. Widely used by architects, designers, and engineers, plotters are primarily used when printing architectural drawings, large posters, and more. When you choose our HP plotter, rest assured, you receive quality, durability, and efficiency.


Apart from our reliable HP plotter and printers, we also offer an exclusive range of photocopiers that will enhance the overall user experience. The cloud-based technology ensures less downtime and data loss, making it more reliable than traditional machines.