Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

AMC: A contract that effectively takes care of your printing and copying equipment

Mere renting or purchasing a branded printer and copier is not enough. It should be kept in mind that without regular maintenance, you cannot expect even a branded printer or copier to work flawless minus any glitches. Printers and photocopiers are used continuously by the businesses for their operations. They are thus vulnerable to possible damages. Approaching Printone for annual maintenance contract (AMC) can be a respite and big help for you to maintain that consistency of your equipments’ performance level and also keeping you relieved.

Why AMC is important for your business?

As a business, surviving in the competitive market is an extremely essential factor. But if you are caught up with the issues of micromanagement like the slowdown of photocopier machines or toner cartridge related issues in the printers, how will you be able to focus on your business and its long-term goals. It is in this context, that the annual maintenance contract proposal for copiers and printers come in handy. You just need to sign up with one and rest assured that your equipment maintenance is being done by the professionals in the field.

Here is a list of reasons to convince you to get the AMC done for your office equipment:

  • Periodic checks are undertaken under the contracts to ensure that no problems occur in the functioning of any equipment.
  • You will be able to avoid unexpected slowdown and glitches in your printers and photocopiers.
  • Your business will save a lot of money by opting for AMC as compared to when you will have to make individual calls for the repairs or maintenance.
  • Annual rates for maintenance contract for printers and copiers are rather fixed once.
  • You can avail discounts on other services and upgrades too as and when required.
  • Response time from the repair and maintenance personnel remain faster and prompt thus saving your business’s time, energy and resources.
  • What Does the AMC Entail?

    The provisions in all the annual maintenance contract usually consists of the following:

  • Periodic checks are undertaken under the contracts to ensure that no problems occur in the functioning of any equipment.
  • Details of both the parties signing the AMC such as company name and address.
  • Equipment details for which the contract is being signed.
  • Expectations from the contract like the number of maintenance visits etc.
  • The contract period.
  • Payment details, terms and conditions.
  • Penalty clauses, if any.
  • Services included and the services not included in the contract.
  • Conditions which lead to the termination of AMC contracts.
  • Seal and signature of both the parties.

  • AMC Offered by Printone: Making Printer and Photocopier Maintenance Convenient for Your Business

    As a leading printer and copier leasing company in UAE, we are well aware of the importance of regular upkeep and maintenance of such pieces of equipment like how it can cause lots of tension to the person-in-charge in a particular company. So, if you are responsible for such tasks in your workplace then rest assured that you have Printone at your service.

    Our annual maintenance contract for photocopiers and printers helps ensure that your pieces of equipment remain durable and thus provide sustainable performance for a longer period. Our team consists of the experts who are well-acquainted with the art of repairing printers, plotters and photocopiers.

    The best part about being associated with us is that our response time is top-notch and we can get your broken down equipment running in no time. All our services under the contract are offered at an exceptionally pocket-friendly price that makes the AMC offered by Printone high in demand in the market.

    Connect with us now to get your annual maintenance contract proposal drafted and leave the repair and maintenance of your branded office equipment’s in our trusted hands.

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