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Printer Lease & Rental

Welcome Newer, Technologically Upgraded Printers to Your Company by Leasing/Renting Printers from Us

Are you worried about the fact that the current printers in your company are a waste of money and so are they not able to provide you with the long-lasting services? Are they just adding an extra financial burden on your company’s budget in the form of the supplies and toners? Then it is high time to change your strategy and think about getting printers on lease in UAE from Printone.


AED 495 /mo.

Preferred for Personal

  • 1 Limited Brands / Models
  • Speed: 30-35 PPM
  • Free Copies
  • Unlimited Free Toners
  • Next Day Support


AED 790 /mo.

Perfect for medium size business

  • Any Brands / Models
  • Speed: 35-40 PPM
  • Free Copies
  • Unlimited Free Toners
  • Same day Support


AED 980 /mo.

For established Corporates

  • Any Brands / Models
  • Speed: 40 PPM & above
  • Free Copies
  • Unlimited Free Toners
  • 4 hours Support

Models and Brands for Printer Lease

Why renting a printer is considered to be a smart investment?

As a business, you must always look for viable opportunities to save operating costs. And, there is no better way to accumulate profits by acquiring printers on rent for your company. How does investing in a rented printer benefit your company?

  • The capital to be used for purchasing printers can be saved and used on the rest important business operations.
  • Your employees will get an opportunity to use the printers that have the latest technologies and features.
  • The equipment depreciation will not affect your business in any way.
  • You pay the amount which is fixed so it is easier to plan out an official budget every month.
  • The rented printers are usually multifunctional serving the functions of the photocopiers, scanners, colour printers, fax machines and et al at the same juncture.
  • You get immediate access to the rented printers as per your business requirements and a suitable leasing plan as well.
  • Leasing a printer also protects your business from inflation and therefore provides tax efficiency.
  • You benefit from the profitable return you get on your investment on the rented printers.
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    Printer for Lease or Rental

    Without bothering about investing money on buying printers, spending on their maintenance costs and disposing them off once their values depreciate; you can just approach Printone and get the best quality printers on rent in UAE.

    Before renting a printer, consider the following:

  • Whether your business requires a large amount of documents to be printed daily or not.
  • Is your business not capable of purchasing printers?
  • How will you include the monthly rental cost in your budget?
  • For how many months are you planning to use printer rental services?
  • Once your mind is well-settled on all such aspects, you can contact Printone. Why should you choose us?

      Up to Date with Technology : We keep track of the latest technologies and thus ensure that all the printers available for rent utilize latest technology only.

      Professional Team : Our team is highly experienced in installing, managing and maintaining the rented printers to ascertain their proficient functioning.

      Flexible Printer Rental Agreements : The terms of the rental agreements are kept flexible for the convenience of our customers.

      Upgrade to the Newer Models : One even has the option of upgrading their rented printers without any extra charges.

      Reasonable Rent Agreements : We offer rental agreements which are budget-friendly to not only leading companies but also to the start-ups.

      Fast Track Rental Services : We believe in providing timely printer rental services right from the time you request a quote to the time we deliver your products at your doorstep.

      Dedicated Customer Service : If your rented printer gives you trouble, we are always available to guide you and help you out.

      Brands to Watch Out for : We only deal in the printers of branded companies like Xerox, Canon, HP etc. So rest assured of the quality, performance and durability of the pieces of equipment.

    Contact our printer leasing company in UAE to know more about your renting options, printer models and applicable quotes for enhancing the operations of your business with our valued assistance.

    We will be waiting!