Color A3 Printer

Multifunction Colour A3 Printers

Characterized by its ability to handle up to A3 paper sizes, colour A3 printers are a relatively new entrant in the printing game. They are a significant upgrade from conventional printers whose printing capabilities are limited to A4 sizes.

If the requirement is to produce large prints having exceptional image quality and print accuracy, then our expansive selection of A3 printers can help with your needs. Sourced from known and trusted brands, including HP, Canon, and Xerox, our collection of colour A3 printers are ideal for printing posters, portfolios, advertisements, and various photographic content.

For example, it can help teachers can print visual aids for classroom walls; office workers can create graphics for meetings; architects can print their entire floor plan easily.

These nifty machines are also capable of ‘rasterbation,’ which allows printing across papers that are taped or glued together to create a large image. What makes this feature particularly noteworthy is that it is done with very little ink bleeding on the edges.

Printone offers a variety of colour A3 printers, including inkjet, laser, and mono-laser printers, all of which are available for direct purchase, rent, or lease at affordable prices.

If you would like to find out more about our A3 colour printer range, then send us an inquiry through our website or give us a call today.

Buy Colour A3 Printers at Affordable Prices


AED 495 /mo.

Preferred for Personal

  • 1 Limited Brands / Models
  • Speed: 30-35 PPM
  • Free Copies
  • Unlimited Free Toners
  • Next Day Support


AED 790 /mo.

Perfect for medium size business

  • Any Brands / Models
  • Speed: 35-40 PPM
  • Free Copies
  • Unlimited Free Toners
  • Same day Support


AED 980 /mo.

For established Corporates

  • Any Brands / Models
  • Speed: 40 PPM & above
  • Free Copies
  • Unlimited Free Toners
  • 4 hours Support

How to Choose a Color A3 Printer

Inkjet or Laser

Your decision to buy a new colour A3 printer will be followed by a question as to which printer you should choose – inkjet or laser. Both these printers have their own set of pros and cons, and your decision should be based on your individual requirements. Laser printers, for example, are designed to handle higher volumes of printing, making them an ideal choice for office use. Inkjet printers, on the other hand, are more often used for printing photos and designs.

Running Cost

While laser printers have a higher initial cost and its toner cartridges are costlier, they are commonly used in high-volume printing situations as the toner lasts longer than the ink cartridges. While an inkjet printer will only print up to a maximum of 1,000 pages on an ink cartridge, toner cartridges can print up to 10,000 pages.


Inkjet printers are generally used when the requirement is to print high-quality images, while laser printers are the preferred choice when the needs is to print sharper text files.


Laser printers were explicitly designed to accommodate the needs of a workplace environment, i.e., they can print between 15 to 100 pages within a minute. Inkjet printers can produce approximately 30 pages per minute but can take more time to print images of higher quality.

Paper Handling

Inkjet and laser colour A3 printers make use of different types of papers. It is not possible to use them interchangeably as it can damage the internal mechanism of the printer. When handling any paper, it is best to hold it by the bottom of the stack and avoid curling edges. Laser printers have automatic paper handling and can also be set to bind or staple after printing.