Why It’s Important to Use OEM Toner Cartridges?

Why It’s Important to Use OEM Toner Cartridges
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When it comes to buying a new toner cartridge for your printer, you may see a wide variety of terms such as OEM, genuine, compatible, and refilled. However, it’s a known fact that genuine cartridges supplied by the original equipment manufacturers tends to be the best choice due to various benefits. The improved quality and better performance of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges can be attributed to their higher prices. These cartridges are carefully designed to perfect function in the specific printer. Here are some compelling reasons to buy an OEM toner cartridge in Dubai:

Quality Printing

Toner cartridges are the fundamental component of a printer that is responsible for ensuring the precise functioning of the printer. Using an original cartridge in the printer built by a trusted manufacturer is essential to get premium-quality prints. With precise text printing and the best image quality, using genuine cartridges are highly valued for their consistent prints quality. Printing with a third-party toner cartridge will often lead to reduced image clarity and inaccuracy in colour differentiation.


As printers are available in different forms with various technology and features, every piece of equipment tends to have a specific unique functioning system and requirements. The OEM cartridges consist of specific features to ensure the proper functioning of the equipement for a long. Using original toner cartridges will help prevent technical problems such as fluctuations in melting points, electrostatic features, particle sizes, and more.

Page Yield

In terms of productivity, genuine toners are on top of the list with their higher page yields. OEM cartridges by various established brands can offer a page yield of up to 20000 pages with consistency in its quality of printing. Your overall expense on printing for your office or house uses can be highly reduced with increased page yield.


The OEM cartridges are manufactured by the same brands or companies that develop the printers. These genuine toners involve the same quality and features as that required by the printers. While buying an OEM toner from a reliable supplier, you can be sure of its compatibility with your printer that will ensure uninterrupted functioning for long. It will also prevent damages to the printers that can cost you high charges in the long run.

Save Your Resources

Choosing the right device and supportive elements is highly important to reduce your expenses due to unexpected damages and repair needs. By producing quality documents, an original toner cartridge can help in ensuring better results for printing any formal or informal papers.

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