Why is My Toner Cartridge Leaking and How to Fix It?

Why is My Toner Cartridge Leaking and How to Fix It
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The printer cartridge uses a particular type of lubricant, a mixture of lubricants and ink. It helps to form an image and letters onto a page or cloth. Cartridges usually have a tiny hole through which the ink is dispensed. But occasionally, some leaking issues might occur as well. Such problems can spoil your printer itself. It is essential to understand the reason behind a leaking cartridge; otherwise, fixing the issue will become very difficult. There are multiple reasons why this happens.

Spoiled Cartridge

Since numerous parts are inside a cartridge, all these parts must work properly. If one of these parts does not move correctly or is intended, it may cause leakage. Such damages can happen during transit or due to accidents. If there is visible damage in the photoconductor of the cartridge, it will require replacement.

Improper Refilling

It is not a good idea to refill the cartridge. It causes leakage because of the unsuitable fitting. It is possible to ruin the photoconductor, the blade, or some parts of the cartridge during refilling. To save money, people can buy compatible toner cartridges for their LaserJet printers.

Defective Drum Unit

The drum unit inside a cartridge can need replacement when it is expired. Drum units might be separated or included with the printer. Based on that, replacement needs to be done. Usually, an unconnected drum unit causes more leakage problems than its integrated counterparts.

Spoiled Recovery Blades

They are some fine blades made of plastic that help to direct the residual toner into rollers. Damaged recovery blades cause dots to appear randomly on the taken printouts. A spoiled blade means the accumulation of toner on the blade, which gives an output of a leaking cartridge. The relief is that they can be easily replaced or repaired to fix the problem.

How To Fix Your Leaking Cartridge?

To fix a leaking cartridge, the following steps can be followed:

Step 1

The first step is to get the leaking printer unplugged so that its heated parts are cooled down. Once it’s done, you should separate the cartridge from the printer. It is essential to use an alcohol-based cleaner to clean or wipe off the leaked ink since water-based ones can conduct electricity and cause damage.

Step 2

Dust and debris accumulated near the connecting point sometimes cause leakage too. So, it is essential to clean the head of the printer where it comes in contact with the cartridge.

Step 3

Rubbing a clean white cloth over the cartridge can help identify the leaking point. Once the faulty cartridge is collected, it should be placed very carefully on a paper towel to prevent further leakage.

Step 4

It is necessary to clean the cartridge with a dry cloth to remove the loose particles. Using a dry cloth ensures that your cartridge is not wet, preventing the printer components from being damaged.

Step 5

The next step is to place tape over the damaged area on the cartridge and smooth it out. Now the cartridge is ready to be reinstalled. If the damage is beyond repair, replace the cartridge.

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