Tips to Take Care of Your Cartridge Inks

Tips to Take Care of Your Cartridge Inks
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No matter how much you spend on bougie fountain pens and luxury planners, your printer’s ink cartridges are, in all probability, the most expensive (and not to mention valuable) piece of stationery at your disposal at this very moment. Although taking care of your ink cartridge isn’t a Herculean task, the number of ink-stained horror stories on the internet makes it look like one. However, if you are looking for ways to take care of your ink cartridges and provide your printer with the long and sustainable life it deserves, you’re in luck! Find some of the best managed print solutions in Dubai.

Tip #1: Preparation Is The Key

Your responsibility to keep your printer happy begins when you bring home a new cartridge. Before installing a new cartridge:

Check it for any damages that may lead to the aforementioned inky disasters.

Give your cartridge a gentle shake to prime the ink.

Check the cartridge’s plastic attachments to restrain the ink flow and remove them before installing the cartridge.

It is recommended to do this over a trashcan (feel free to skip this step if you don’t mind abstract ink art on your clothes)

Tip #2- Gentle Parenting Is A Necessity

Cartridges do not respond well to harsh environments. Do not shake them vigorously. It may lead to internal damage and may cause them to act out. Do not be impatient while installing a new cartridge. Refrain from touching the circuit board of the ink cartridge as it may lead to permanent damage (and the waste of a considerable amount of money). Store them at room temperature since prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures may harm them.

Tip #3- Set Up A Good Feeding Routine For Your Ink Babies

No one likes to starve, not even your ink cartridges. Please provide them with well-deserved nourishment whenever they’re running low. It is better to make a feeding schedule in case the printer in question is used frequently. A well-nourished cartridge will always give a better output than a starving one. In addition, once you find the ink that your cartridge loves, try to avoid using a different one since different cartridges show different levels of compatibility with other inks. Most importantly, do not let your cartridges starve or be out of action for more than a month, as it reduces their shelf life.

Tip #4- Cartridges Need Attention

When not in use, wrap your ink cartridges in a plastic bag, put them in an airtight container, and store them in a cool and dry place. Store your cartridges by aligning the ink flow direction towards the force of gravity to prevent them from losing their moisture and drying out. Any new ones that won’t be used within a short period should not be taken out of their packaging.

Tip #5: Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Like the average person, your printer cartridges require regular cleaning to stay in good condition. You can use a paper towel paired with isopropyl alcohol to remove ink build-up from the back or underside of the printer cartridge. One of the best ways to keep them healthy and happy is to clean the print head with a wet Q-tip. It is better to use distilled water instead of tap water to prevent mineral deposits. You can also clean the colored circuitry strip of the printer using the same process. Remember to let the cartridge dry before reinstalling it.

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