Tips to Expand the Life of Your Printers

Tips to Expand the Life of Your Printers
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Printers have become a part of every household and office. For instance, whether you get a printer like a canon photocopier on rent or buy it, it is essential for various domestic and business purposes. However, these are hard to maintain, and replacing them will cost you a pocket. Starting from paper jams to error messages, problems with printers can create a chaotic situation in offices and homes – mostly when you need to take a critical printout. Used throughout the day in the workplace, your printing device also gets tired. So, if you want to keep your device in a safe and sound position so that you can print out all your necessary documents, you need to take good care of your device. Let’s dive right away to know more about tips that will help you enhance your printing device’s life.

Clean Your Device

Yes, it is a tiresome and dirty task, but to expand the life of your device, you should maintain and clean it regularly. So how to get started with the process? The steps are pretty simple.

  • Keep in mind your safety. Before starting the task, shut down and unplug the device.
  • Next, gently remove the paper plates and clean the device’s interior with a toner vacuum.
  • Also, wipe out the streaky lines near your cartridge.
  • When done with the interior, clean the exterior parts with a clean wet cloth. You can also cover it up if the device is set up in a dusty place.

Prevent Paper Jams

Bringing out the jammed paper from the printer can be pretty satisfying, but this can harm the health of your device. So, the best tip is to avoid paper jams. The steps you can follow are:

  • Do not use your expertise whenever you face a jam; instead, follow the user manuals provided. The basic rule is to pull down the paper slowly with both hands without applying much force.
  • Jams happen almost with every printer. It is not inevitable, but you can reduce the number of times the paper gets jammed. Do not overfill your paper tray and use dry, plain paper.

Use Suitable Ink Cartridges

You will surely not put petrol in a diesel car. Right? The same is true for your printing device also. You can hamper the health of your printing device by using secondary ink cartridges.

  • Do not open the seal of your cartridge if you will not place them in your printing device. Opening them beforehand will dry out the ink.
  • Place your packets of cartridges in a cool place.
  • Do not plug off your printing device without turning off its power button. Give the cartridges proper time to return to their position before unplugging the device.
  • Place the printer cartridge back to its position as fast as you can if you remove it from the printing device for some reason before letting the ink dry.

Remember to Keep a Check on Software Updates

Your printing device is an electronic machine, and the company always tries to update its software to fix the bugs and issues associated. Your device won’t run smoothly if you are still maintaining buggy old software. So, always keep your device updated. This will keep your printing device in a sound form. You won’t also have to worry about hacking issues and cyber security breaches. You can save a lot of money as keeping the device updated will keep the maintenance workers away. Last but not least, the best part is the high print quality of your device.

Try to Maintain the Monthly Volume Margin

Every printer comes with its monthly volume margin. This states the number of pages you can print with your device. So, to keep your device in a healthy working condition, try to stay within the limit suggested by the company. This will help by minimizing the pressure on your device and allowing it to work in its optimum condition. You can always exceed the limit in an emergency, but don’t make it a habit as it can impact your device’s health. If you cannot stay within the limit, the best option is to pay some extra bucks and purchase a high-end model.

In Conclusion

You need to love your device and give it all your care and attention. It is a machinery device, but it can provide long-lasting results if you can maintain it properly.

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