Simple Methods to Prevent Paper Jams in Copiers

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Dealing with printers and copiers form a major part of office works, with a load of paper works involved in businesses. The photocopier machine price varies depending upon its features as well as the functioning capacity. For the copier’s long-lasting performance and efficient performance, it is important to prevent the common issues that might happen with the copiers. Paper jamming is a major issue, which occurs while using any photocopier. Although it cannot be completely prevented, you will be able to reduce paper jam cases with some precautionary measures.

Copy Paper Type

Making use of quality copy papers is essential to ensure they are compatible with the machine in every term. You can check the copier machine manual to know the specifications of the appropriate paper that’s suitable for it. This paper is usually found in a standard weight of 20 lb, while some machines also take around 22-24 lb. Always go for good quality and eco-friendly type in the correct measurement. Proper care should be taken to keep these papers in a drier space to prevent them from getting spoiled.

Properly Load the Copy Papers

These papers must be properly prepared before loading them onto the copier machine. After removing the papers from its sealed package, hold it tight and intact in a stack and place it onto the paper tray. While usually fan the paper stack ream before keeping it onto the tray, this should be strictly avoided. Fanning of copier papers will generate static electricity in them, and this will lead to the papers getting stuck to each other.

Setting Paper Tray Guides

Although this might seem simple, proper arrangement of the paper tray is important to refill it properly. Every time you replenish the tray, you should perform it correctly using the manual instructions. The guides must touch the papers but be mindful that its not very tight.

Clean the Rollers

The dust particles from the paper and the surrounding may get deposited on the rollers. Before paper refilling, you should properly clean and dry the rollers with a good quality lint-free piece of cloth. This is important for the rollers to grab the papers properly and prevent jamming due to the papers getting stuck. Cleaning out dust from the rollers will make it smooth for the papers to flow out inside the machine.

Manual Feed for Thick Paper Printing

Thick paper are also used in copiers. However, it is important to check the machine specifications to ensure that your copier can accept and work with thick material papers. Also, it is good if you feed the copier manually while using thick papers, as you can place it properly. Thus, the paper will need to pass only through straighter and shorter paths inside the copier.

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