Seven Things to Do If Your Printer Doesn’t Recognize Ink Cartridges

Seven Things to Do If Your Printer Doesn’t Recognize Ink Cartridges
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Printers are quintessential in every household and office setting in today’s modern world. We might not realize how important printers are, but when you think about it, the textbooks that we read or the magazines that we flip through while sitting idle, or even the documents and contracts that we receive our all products of printers. Nowadays, companies have revolutionized how these machines are being made and have added features like scanning documents, copying documents, and printing high-quality pictures in no time. Thus, it’s almost a nightmare when a printer suddenly stops functioning as it gives rise to inconvenience in work mobility. Over the years, printers’ significant performance problems are their inability to recognize ink cartridges. Users face this when they replace the empty cartridges from the machine. A photocopier rental that you got in Dubai can also show problems even when compatible cartridges have been used to replace the older ones.

Why Does this Happen?

 Wondering what happened even though you did everything right? A few common reasons have been identified to answer this question. Firstly, it’s the complete reset of the internal memory of the print machine, and thus, the device is unable to recognize the ink cassettes. The other can be due to not removing the protective strips in the new cartridges while playing and placing them in the cartridge cell. Ink cartridges also are often damaged or dirty, causing unnecessary problems. Other than these everyday mishappenings, users also fail to insert the cartridges in the correct slot or make a mistake while purchasing an incorrect ink package for their printer.

What Can Be Done to Resolve This Problem?

 You can implement the following things when your printer is not recognizing an ink capsule you have just inserted.

  1. Performing a reboot of the internal memory: it is a mandatory phenomenon that printers reset the internal memory every time a new capsule is inserted. When your computer is feeling to recognize the new cartridge, it might be because it has not been able to reset its memory somehow. Before proceeding, you must take responsibility for resetting your printer’s entire internal memory. This can be done by replacing the new cartridges with the old cartridge, leaving it for a while, and then changing it once again. If this does not work, you can turn off the device, unplug it from the primary source, plug it in again after a while, insert the new cartridges and restart your printer.
  2. A common mistake made while inserting the new ink carriers is not to make it bare of the protective plastic strips that the cartridge is bound by. You must be very careful before inserting your cartridges into the device slot and removing these strips, as it might cause severe damage to your printer and result in the print machines not being able to recognize the ink cartridge.
  3. The cartridges of ink printers are manufactured and sold from various places, and they can be damaged by dirt or metal contacts. External game substitutes make it hard for the device to recognize the ink cartridge. A remedy for this problem can be to clean the cartridge extremely well before inserting it. For this, you can utilize a lightweight, cotton, and dry cloth.
  4. Often, a primary reason for the printer not being able to recognize an ink package is that it is not correctly placed inside the slot. You must take the cartridge out and correctly place it in the defined space.
  5. It is always advisable to use new ink cartridges available in the market and not refill those preexisting ones. This is because the refill cartridges often leak and cause damage to your printer, making it unable to recognize the cartridge. The manufacturer’s chip has to be replaced as well.

In Conclusion

Thus, consider the steps mentioned above to accelerate the performance of your device and ensure it never brings up problems regarding ink capsule recognition. Alternatively, you can get it checked by a printer repair service provider.

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