Quick Guide to Help You Tackle Common Xerox Printer Issues

Quick Guide to Help You Tackle Fie Common Xerox Printer Issues
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Xerox printer offers you the ultimate and most flawless printing experience ever when in good condition. However, when crippled by unwarranted mechanical issues and problems, you will undoubtedly be frustrated. These problems often result in poor printouts, delays, and no printing at all in adverse cases. This could cost you money, mostly if your business operation significantly depends on your printer. Nevertheless, most of these issues are easy to fix, and while Dubai is crawling with companies that offer xerox machine for sale in addition to fixing them, most of them can be done by yourself. Here are some of the most common Xerox problems and how you can handle them:

Slow Printing

This is arguably the most common printer issue that you are likely to experience, and it can be quite a frustrating endeavor, especially if you have a mountain load of work to print. This problem is mainly caused by memory issues, a high-resolution setting, and driver issues. To fix this problem, you might need to adjust your resolution settings. The high resolution demands more data in your computer as well as for the printing process to start, which may cause slowness. If you do not really need very high-resolution printouts, reset your printer to standard mode. In the case of drivers, ensure you have the right printer drivers, preferably Xerox-based-driver or PostScript for graphic-intensive applications.

Poor Printouts

Your printer might be working well, but the quality of the printouts could be disheartening. We’re talking smudges, low quality, and fading content that may make your documents and images appear unappealing and unprofessional. These problems are often caused by low-quality supplies or dysfunctional hardware. To take care of these, be keen to do the following:

  • Check print divers before hitting the print command
  • Ensure the loaded paper matches the type selected by the print driver
  • Set the fuser properly
  • Inspect your toner cartridges
  • Print several waste papers to prevent smudging the printout copies

Paper Jams

Those who require printouts in high volume, issues such as paper jams can be frustrating and challenging. It not only causes delays but can also be very expensive. Luckily xerox machines come with a default quality to handle such issues. Even better, some printers come with video assistance and lighted interiors to assist you to see the issue and counter it accordingly. This way, you can clearly see the path the paper has taken, identify the cause of the paper jam and get rid of any jammed papers and objects.

No Printing

This is by far one of the most frustrating factors about any printing machine, especially if you are in a hurry. To fix this problem, you have to send the text to the right printing machine; you could have sent the work to a printer in another department or office. Other solutions include:

  • Adding the required amount and correct type of paper in the paper tray
  • Ensure all cables are safely placed
  • Restart the printer

Obsolete Machine

Old age could be termed as a problem if your machine is running on outdated technology. With old age and outdated technology comes configuration and compatibility issues. The only solution is to get a new modern printer. Luckily for you, there are xerox printers for sale that come with incredibly affordable prices that you cannot resist.

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