Questions to Ask When Upgrading Your Office Copier

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Most office copiers significantly increase business productivity and play an essential role in enhancing the quality of business communications. It is crucial to list the questions you need to ask the dealer to buy the best printer for your business. Various companies have a variety of copiers for sale for competitive prices across the UAE market. It is required to research the qualities you are looking for in a copier machine and compare the features for better satisfaction. There are photocopy machine rental that provide you to try on the required copier for your office before making a long-term purchase. Hence it is essential to ask some questions to ensure a satisfying after-sale experience.

What Are the Functions of The Printer?

Every office requires a printer that is referred to as a Multi-function printer that carries out all the business activities without switching to other devices. Hence it is essential to find out all the printer’s functions before you proceed to buy it. It is necessary to know if your printer can scan, copy, fax, save to email or file and offers various other advanced functions and can be useful for your office.

How Long Will the Printer Function?

When you intend to make a long-term investment in your copier machine, it is essential to know the device’s lifespan. You certainly cannot opt for something that requires being repaired or changing very often, and it will indeed hamper the workflow and add to the expenses on the device. Hence it is ideal to ensure that the photocopier you purchase, or upgrade should last longer to benefit your business productivity.

Can the Machine Do Wireless Printing?

Today’s network-based devices can be enabled for most of the wireless printing that is carried out remotely. If you find this feature relevant as far as your office workflow is considered, then get a proper demo of the process before you go for it. Various manufactures have been keen to launch products that can be configured to and controlled by apps.

What Is the Expected Printing Quality?

Better printing quality or resolution should be the primary factor that one needs to consider while upgrading the copier machine. It indeed enhances the quality of business productivity since you have clear and high-resolution documentation that attract the people involved. It is essential to choose or upgrade to a printer that offers higher print quality.

What Document Sizes Can Be Printed?

The photocopiers are designed to handle and print on various sizes of papers like Legal papers or ledgers. Based on the function of your office, you will want to upgrade your office printer accordingly. E.g., A4 size papers are designed to print letters and legal documents and not ledgers. At the same time, A3 size papers can handle letters, ledgers, and legal documents.

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