Print Quality Checklist: What You Should Know

Print Quality Checklist: What You Should Know
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Most organizations in the UAE rely on brochures and pamphlets to share information with their clients. It could be about new or existing products or plans for business expansion in Dubai. The smart messages also help the companies engage with their customers. Quality of the paper used, the design, and the printing all go towards cementing your brand image in the minds of the customers. It’s necessary to use a reliable printer cartridge to carry out your printing smoothly. You can easily get a top-quality printer from a Canon printer rental service. Even small misprints and any carelessness often stand out against an otherwise excellent printing job done. People often notice the one misplaced dot rather than the rest of the paper. Hence it makes sense to perform any such tasks meticulously to avoid any silly blunders. The following are certain points to include in your checklist to eliminate avoidable mistakes.

Get the Right Printer Cartridge

Lower resolutions might create a blurred print that looks fuzzy and unprofessional. It’s important to look at the DPI (Dots per inch) before giving the print command. For example, 600 DPI will give you 600 dots vertically and 600 dots horizontally in one inch of paper. There are inkjet printers that even provide higher DPIs. However, all this is also affected by the quality of the printer cartridge that you use. Technically a 300 DPI is optimal for a brochure. Whereas for a poster, it should be 150 DPI.

Easy to Read Text

As far as possible, try to use text that is simple to read and use language that can be easily discerned by the reader. There may be times when you do need to use jargon to explain some points. However, apart from these few occasions, use simple terms to even explain complex ideas. It will keep the reader engaged and encourage them to read further. Complex fonts are another trouble area. They are difficult to read, may cause confusion, and also dissuade the reader from reading the entire publication.

Be Prudent

While printing, set black and while color as your default setting. Printing a black and white document in color is just a waste of money. It’s better to use double-sided printing to print on both sides of the page. This will help reduce the amount of paper you use and conserve the environment. It also reduces the wear and tears effect on the printer. You might want to use a better quality of paper, though, to avoid any bleed-through while double-sided printing.

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