Local Vs Network Printers – the Better Option

Local Vs Network Printers – the Better Option
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You may find HP printers for sale in the UAE but choosing the right model as per your requirement is essential. Local printers are the ones that can be directly attached to the computer by using USB cables. However, only one computer can be connected with these types of printers and are not made available outside the shops. On the other hand, the network printers can create a network out of the number of computers connected to it. This implies that one printer can be used by a number of computers which makes it easier to complete the work assigned to each computer within a few hours. Basically, all the computers can be accessed simultaneously by the network printers. Network printers are also called copiers that are connected to the networks through ethernet cables. In these types of printers, the ethernet cables have no physical connections with them. Interestingly, the network printers can be connected wirelessly to the network and are easily accessible in the workstations.

Time Consumption

One of the major aspects that makes the local and the networks printers advantageous and disadvantageous is the amount of time consumed by each of them. The local printers are indeed very disadvantageous as most of the people who have heavy workloads depend on the printing machines so that their work is reduced. Local printers are time-consuming as one computer can be connected to it at a time. The network printers, unlike the local ones, can be connected to a number of computers, making it easier to complete the tasks. Any aspect that saves time is always better since other works can be completed with the time saved.

Electricity Usage Issues

In this aspect too, the network printers are the most advantageous one. The 21st century has witnessed most of the pollution that has led to global warming, so saving energy is one of the major concerns of the netizens. Since several computers can be connected to the network printers, a major amount of electricity is saved everyday. While on the other hand, the local printers are of no use since only computers can be connected to them, which requires a huge amount of electricity.

Office Usage

The network printers are always a better option for office purposes since they provide many flexibilities to the employees. Again they can function on several platforms at one go, for example, Windows, Linux, Max, and others. The functions also include different types of printers at one go, such as multifunction, copier, desktop, and others. Thus, office users can access the printers on the network on any platforms they use their devices. Here, the local printers come up with the same issues of connecting one computer at a time which makes it difficult to work. Here also, the network printers win the battle.


Since most of the time printer usages are business prone, the network printers appear as the cost savers. This is the printer that can be used simultaneously by other computers without any wire connection. It saves one from the issue of buying local networks in the workstations. In the network printers, the work gets confined to one printer, saving much money, which can be used to buy better quality ink and paper. However, the local printers are bought for high prices and curtailed multiple users from using the printer.


Apart from the disadvantageous effects of the local printers they have got some benefits such as the efficiency aspects of the outputs given by the machine. The local printers assure the employees who have heavy loads of printings to be done are provided with reliable access to the printer. They also offer improved outputs of the work that imply efficiency. The local printers make it possible to look at the printed material that is supposed to come out of the machine.

However, the network printers are indeed more advantageous for their flexibility, but the local printers have benefits of their own. Hence, in the case of laser printer sale, choose the right one based on your usage needs.

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