Four Reasons Why Your Printer Might be Jamming

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Printers can be considered the lifeline for businesses and offices everywhere. Whenever something goes wrong with a printer, the work for the entire day comes to a halt. Printer repair can be expensive and time-consuming, especially when there’s a dearth of other printing solutions for the office. An alternative might be to get printers on rent temporarily, but even that might not be feasible in the long term if you have already invested in a printer. The best way to avoid such hassles would be to maintain or take care of your printers well in advance or outsource your printer needs elsewhere. You can take care of your printers by ensuring they do not jam due to problems under your control. Whenever your printer jams next, you can check for the following silly mistakes that could have caused it.

Mistake Number 1: Faulty Paper

Insufficient or old paper that keeps sitting in the tray of your printer for an extended period, such as an office vacation or the recent pandemic, could be a cause. Such paper can get stuck and cause a printer jam. If you don’t take it out mindfully and carefully, you can even damage a printer. In such cases, switch off the machine, and take the paper out from the back of the printer tray instead of the front to avoid further damage. Make sure the ink cartridges have been rearranged, and then switch the printer on. Do a trial run to find out if the problem has been resolved.

Mistake Number 2: Wrong Paper Size

Printers can easily recognize whether the paper inserted follows the proper dimensions or not. If it is smaller, the printer can jam and no longer work until this is fixed. To solve this, you can unlock the access doors behind the machine and locate the sheets, then gently take them out. Close the access doors and switch on the printer for a trial run. Once your issue is resolved, you check the paper dimensions and make sure they fit to avoid any future jams.

Mistake Number 3: Papers Stuck Inside

Sometimes papers can get stuck inside the printer, which gets the printer jammed. This could happen because the sheet inserted was bent or frayed or stuck with another sheet. This problem can be solved by switching off the printer, removing the cartridge, and unlatching the printer access doors. Then you can locate the stuck paper and gently pull it out. Ensure that you are not too rough while pulling the sheet out, as that can tear the sheet and make it harder to remove. To avoid this problem, ensure that all the sheets inserted are straight and separate from each other.

Mistake Number 4: Damaged Printer Parts

Despite good maintenance and careful use, printers might have damaged parts or parts needing replacement due to age. For such, you can call professionals in print repair to avoid further loss of time and energy. Sometimes, recurrent printer jams are an indication of more significant underlying causes. For such reasons, you can ask the IT department to open the printer and find the faulty parts, or you can go to a repair shop directly. You can discover and fix such problems by giving your printer’s service at fixed intervals.

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