Factors to Help You Decide Whether to Buy or Lease an Office Printer

Factors to Help You Decide Whether to Buy or Lease an Office Printer
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Printers form a major part of any office environment, as they handle the daily printing needs of the businesses. While there are branded printers for sale online from trusted suppliers, it is essential to decide whether your office needs to own one. Buying a printer can be a huge investment for small businesses or start-ups. An office printer lease is a much better alternative. Apart from the market cost of the printer while buying, the additional supply and maintenance costs can become a huge expense for the company. However, in the case of large corporates getting into printer rental and renewal can be a tedious task. Few factors will help in determining which is the best option for your company.


Whether to own or rent a printer can be decided based on your company’s financial state and capital. While for small businesses saving the resources is the main objective, temporary arrangement like printer or photocopy machine rental is a much money-saving option. This will eventually help the company make profitable purchases of other things that will benefit in the long run. However, for large corporates owning a printer enhances self-sufficiency and adds on to the office set-up.

Budgeting Needs

Office printer lease offers a much flexible and easy way to avoid burden on the company’s finance. It will enable the business to use the printer while eventually making small payments at regular intervals. It won’t require a significant part of the business budget at once, which may, however, be manageable for long-established companies. The rental option also involves the choice of length and tenure of the agreement.

Tax Benefits

Office printer lease can also help businesses get hidden advantages in taxes. If any company buy a printer or other business equipment, its depreciation will only be deducted, which may amount to around 40 per cent of its cost price in the first year followed by 25 per cent in the consecutive years. However, the lease payment is counted as pre-tax expense of the business that can be deducted fully during taxation, every time.


The technological advancements give us newer and better versions of printers almost every year that introduce features every business may want to have. Buying a printer will mean using the same technology for long to worth the expense, and upgrading to a better one will cost the same expense again. Office printer lease can be availed for specific tenures that can be renewed or stopped, and this way, you will be able to get updated versions easily and without any loss. However, immense care to maintain the printer functional while returning is a major trouble that a financially well company wouldn’t wish to bear.

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