Everyone’s Shifting to Digital Printing – Here’s Why

Everyone’s Shifting to Digital Printing – Here’s Why
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Every organization in the UAE needs to use a printing device for large-scale printing every now and then. Whether it’s a non-profit, an association, a business, or an educational institution in Dubai, we all have copy needs. Luckily for us, there are several companies offering printer rental services. This saves us the trouble of investing valuable capital in such devices. While in the past most firms and organizations preferred to rely on offset publishing, technology today has greatly improved the quality of digital printers too. The good news is that we can even get these copiers rental services from specialized companies. The rental terms and conditions and pricing are all designed to provide you with the utmost convenience. You can read some of the benefits of shifting to digital printing listed below.

Speed & Convenience

There is hardly any time needed to set up the printing process while using the digital printing process. There is no need to use a press. Hence there are no requirements for using printing plates and cleaning them. Although the finish might be good, you do need to wait for the ink to dry. Whereas in digital printing, you can directly use the digital files to generate your output. It also creates less mess as compared to the offset printing procedure. They are also eco-friendlier since you don’t need to use any toxic chemicals.


In today’s highly customized world, it becomes necessary for organizations to use variable data. Digital printing enables companies to include people’s names and personalized messages that they would like to have. It even allows them to mass print different mailing addresses too. All these little things help them to engage better with their end customers. This can all be done quite easily through digital printing in no time. Despite it’s high quality and reliability, offset printing is quite rigid in these matters and does not include any scope for personalization.

Inkjet Technology

New advancements in Inkjet technology allow you to do high quality printing on offset stocks. Traditional stocks with dull, glossy, and silky finishes can be printed upon to leave a high-quality output. This is done via color management tools that are controlled by software. These technological advancements allow you to use digital printing to create top-quality prints on par with offset printing. The difference is hardly noticeable to the untrained eye. You can enjoy all this by renting a copier from a printer rental service in Dubai.

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