Essential Equipment to Setup a New Office

Essential Equipment To Setup A New Office
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The first task on your checklist is done right – Buying a new office for your new venture. Now the rest of the hard work begins. What is this hard work we refer to? – Buying essential equipment for your new workspace. It is elementary to pick up any piece of furniture that is made for office purposes. But is it the right one for your workspace? If you have spent all your energy and hard work to build the venture you have long dreamt of, why buy furniture and other essential equipment haphazardly.

Dubai has some of the best and elegant work furniture and essential equipment required to complete your workspace. All you need is time to choose the right one for you.

Suppose you are busy setting up your dream project and have limited time to research trending essential equipment like Canon photocopier on rent or lease, printers, Scanner, and more for a new office. In that case, this article is for you.


An office is incomplete without a printer placed in the corner. It is one of the essential office essentials. Life at work could be different without the use of a printer. Investing in a good and efficient printer is what companies look forward to. Since most printing is done through these printers, it is essential to buy an ink printer that has durability and quality.

Inkjets, Laser, or digital printers are some of the many options companies can look for. With the latest technology, it is advisable to buy a wireless printer. However, the size of the printers depends on the type of work you do. Inkjet printers are compact and are best suited for small-scale businesses. If you are into industry printing, then a laser printer is a must.


Have you imagined working without a scanner at your workplace? It simply means you can keep copying all the documents and finding ways to transfer them to portable devices for use. A scanner is a blessing for office use. Employees can now smoothly scan the required documents and transfer them to their work computers, laptops, or mobile devices.

Investing in a good scanner is not an option rather a requirement. Most companies use this efficient tool to save paper as there is no printing involved in a scanner. It’s one click, and your document is downloaded in either a Jpeg or PDF format, which is easily accessible.


The role of the copier is somewhat similar to that of a printer. Copier, in simple words, is used to duplicate the exact copies of the document while the printer prints. The copier can photocopy multiple copies at a cheaper price, while printing paper on the printer is expensive.

In recent times, printers are combined with a copier feature, so you get one device with two or multi functionalities. Whether your company needs a copier or a printer entity depends on your requirement. Hence you can either lease or rent these devices anywhere in Dubai.

Paper Shredder

Not all papers can be rolled and thrown into the bin. Some have sensitive data and information like client personal information, company data, and more. It is not possible to roam with powerpoints presentations for every meeting and conference most of the time. Employees print important data on paper, and hence these are sensitive information that must be disposed of after every use.

To safeguard the company’s information, most companies invest in paper shredders. These machines or devices shred papers in bits, so no data leaks out of the companies.

Work Desk

As a customer, when you step into a workspace, the first thing one notices is the work desk and chair. These are the essential office essentials of a company, without which the office is incomplete. Employees must feel comfortable while at work, and hence investing in ergonomic chairs and desks is a must.

A lot of companies have introduced standing desks to their employees. There are significant benefits of using these standing desks: they lower blood pressure and help correct body posture.

Now that you have understood the different essential equipment required to set up a new workplace, what are you waiting for? Either buy printers or get a printer on rent anywhere in Dubai or the UAE at an affordable cost.

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