Does Paper Weight Affect Printing Results?

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There are various types of papers to choose from depending on what you want to get a photocopy or a print. The fact is that paperweight relates to function, and paper finish is essential for design. Grams per Square Meter (GSM) is used to measure the weight of paper and cannot be overlooked when choosing a paper type that is appropriate for specific printing or photocopying. UAE being a business hub, loads of business communications are expected, and hence the printer on rent industry sees tremendous growth every passing year. Some companies even rent copiers to make life easier during the initial stage of your business. While you purchase a printer, the user manual generally specifies the types of papers to be used to avoid any kind of serious malfunctioning of the machine. So, we know that paperweight does matter for better printing results.

Know the Standard Paperweight

Since paper comes in various shapes, sizes, and textures, it can be challenging to choose the right paper for printing the required materials. It is essential to follow a standard weight chart used across the globe to enable you to pick the right kind of paper. You may ideally choose from the primary methods of distinguishing the weight of paper; E.g., bond paper weighs between 16to 36 pounds, book paper weighs between 30 to 115 pounds, and so on.  

Know the Types of Papers

Knowing the types of papers used for printing and photocopying makes it easier to understand the weights for each. Various papers like Bond papers, book papers, cover papers, index papers, tag papers, and text papers are available for different printing types. Since papers do matter for better printing results, it is essential to choose the appropriate paper type.

Method to Choose the Right Paperweight

When it comes to paper weight, paper thickness and weight both have to be considered. Heavier stocks are usually best for gallery exhibits. The best way or method to understand paperweight is to understand its measures either using the US basis weight or metric weight, also known as grammage. It is always ideal to take a printer on rent while you understand and learn the various methods of differentiating between paper types and weights. 

Paper Quality Considerations

There are various considerations to make while choosing the paper type or quality. Inconsistency or incorrect weight, the smooth or rough surface of the paper, paper stiffness, the electrostatic properties of paper are the primary aspects to check upon while choosing a specific paper for printing a document or job type.

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