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A Multi-function printer is the primary feature one considers while buying a photocopy machine. A machine with perfect features is an excellent productivity enhancer for a company. Small businesses or new start-ups are reluctant to invest initially in a photocopy machine. They ideally choose an agency in the UAE that provides photocopier rental that cater to all their needs. Besides printing and photocopying, a multi-function printer can have multiple features that save time and money. These printers are an all-in-one choice of many, and hence they don’t need to invest in various other devices for faxing or sending across soft copies of documents. It is essential to check on printers’ options before you make a wise purchase for the effective operations of your business.

Secure Print Release

The term is often referred to in the corporate sector as pull printing. A secure print release is a support system in multi-function printers that give complete control over printing your documents.  Generally, you get your jobs printed immediately once you command the printer to do so. Now, with secure print capabilities, the jobs are queued until you release the print job. The printing can be done from anywhere and anytime, with a complete hold on your printing jobs.

Optical Character Recognition 

The advanced technology used in printers is a business solution for automating data extraction, converting the printed, scanned, or hand-written documents into readable formats. The feature offers many conveniences to the users as it saves time, especially while you analyze the business. Remote working can also be expected since the machine makes it easier to share the documents across any location. It is a feature most companies look for while opting for a multi-functional printer.

Collating and Stapling

There are times when you have volumes of documents to be printed and arranged accordingly. Hence a machine that simplifies your work by printing and placing the individual copies into an ordered sequence. When you have to create consistent sets using various parts, the collating feature in a photocopy machine saves you much time and energy. In the recent past, we have seen multiple printers’ options that have this added feature of collating and stapling to enhance smooth business functioning.

Finishing the Document

Having a machine that goes beyond collating and stapling is often an ideal choice for companies with a heavy load of business communication. It is essential to look for a machine that can complete your document by punching holes or folding it into booklets, cutting and trimming, etc. These features in a printer are ideally the new business standards globally and are the desire of every competitive business environment.

Automatic Toner Ordering

An unimagined hustle unexpectedly pops up when you realize that your toner in the printer has finished. You can now rest assured that your most capable printing machine can handle this issue. It has the added feature of ordering the toner automatically. Your supplier is intimated about the toner requirement, and it gets delivered to your office within no time.  

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