Avoid These Mistakes to Increase Your Photocopier’s Life

Avoid These Mistakes to Increase Your Photocopier’s Life
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A copier machine simplifies the prominent work of document duplication and copying for offices and businesses. It helps in ensuring the smooth functioning of the office paper works without any delays or errors. As a photocopy machine price is usually high, they form a significant investment for any business. Photocopiers are like any other machines that constitute various movable parts that may incur wear and tear after using them for a while. Dealing with frequent repairs and maintenance of your photocopier machine may cost a bit without any AMC in place. By avoiding the following serious usage mistakes, you can extend the life of the copier machine to some extent. Though ideally, it is best to let leasing professionals take care of your photocopier.


As copier machines tend to have a specific capacity and power to perform the tasks, it is important to know this limit and use it wisely to avoid an increase in cost per page. The other form of copier overuse includes overloading of it by too many people. This may waste your employee time and also damage due to overprinting. Overloading the machine with multiple commands may result in serious damages to its internal parts.

Toner Replacement Issues

Often you may replace the toner when the machine prompts the message ‘low toner’. It is a common misconception that a low toner will impact the print quality in various ways. If the machine contains the toner supplied by the equipment manufacturer, the print quality will remain unaffected even in the case of low toner. The toner should only be replaced when the machine displays ‘replace toner. Also, it is crucial to choose a replacement toner that is compatible with the device to avoid other issues.

Using Till It Dies

Like any machine, a photocopy machine also requires timely servicing and maintenance to ensure all its parts are in good condition and clear any minor issues if any. Use a photocopier until it completely stops working means causing full and irreparable damage to it. If the machine is provided with frequent maintenance and repairs at correct intervals, then this would further the life of its internal system and ensure your machine function for a bit long.


Mostly the office spaces are well-planned and structured to fit in specific cabins, rooms, and equipment in order perfectly. A photocopy machine is often placed in some unused corners or some made-up adjustment spaces. This can be a dangerous practice in the long term. Putting a photocopier in a compact area will leave insufficient space for the machine to cool down when it gets overheated. In case of any repairs or servicing, the technicians will also find it difficult to access the machine.

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