Average Life Expectancy of Printers and Copiers

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Many manufacturers claim that their devices can last for 7 to 8 years, but this might not be true for a high-intensity environment like a business. By using your printer carefully and choosing one well suited to your needs, you can significantly increase its life and avoid trouble with your machine. Or one can simply get a printer on rent anywhere in Dubai.

What Affects A Printer’s Life?

A printer’s life is estimated by the number of pages it can print. More extensive and more robust printers can last a long time because they can print more pages than their smaller counterparts. Similarly, if you try to print more using a smaller device, it can lead to greater wear and ageing. This would render the printer useless after a while. Therefore, you can start by finding out if a smaller or bigger machine would suit your company’s needs.

Do You Need A Smaller Or Bigger Printer?

Buying a printer is expensive, so a smaller machine would be ideal if your business does not rely much on paper. A good way to find out would be to track your business’s documentation needs. You can use data collection software or ask a managed print service professional to help you track your current printer usage. You can even track the number of paper sheets your business uses monthly to get a good idea about your printer usage. Based on these figures, you can decide whether to opt for a bigger or a smaller machine.

How To Make Your Printer Last Longer?

Once you invest in a printer, you can make it last longer by following certain guidelines. You can have a professional visit you and do a printer “check” at fixed intervals to find any possible problems or parts needing service or replacement. Furthermore, you can get in touch with a managed print service to help you use your machines efficiently. Managed print services help reduce costs by terminating unnecessary usage and providing timely service and repair for your devices. 

Should You Get A Printer Or A Copier On Rent?

Although buying a printer and using it carefully can make it last longer, it is not necessary to buy a printer in the first place. Various services provide high-quality printers and photocopier rental services at an affordable price for short and long-term terms. The company serviced and maintained printers on lease based on agreed conditions. Such services also provide managed print services, which can further cut operational costs and add efficiency to your workplace.

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