When is The Best Time to Replace Your Existing Copy Machine?

When is The Best Time to Replace Your Existing Copy Machine
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In business settings, planning calls for business owners to ask questions such as when the right time is to replace an existing machine is true as no one wants to wake up one day to a faulty or broken machine with no plan. Ideally, your current device will start giving you signs when the time to replace it is drawing nearer. Sometimes your intuition is enough to let you know that you should soon be replacing your old machine with a new one. There is no specific time recommended for replacing an old copy machine as usage between users varies, and there are many factors to consider. However, there is a right time to start planning for a new device, and these are some of the things to consider and know that you should now replace your existing copier.

Frequent Breakdowns

If your copier is stalling or developing problems more frequently, it is probably time to let go of it and acquire a new one. Although the old one may still be working, the costs of fixing it frequently may not be worth holding on to it, especially since the same money can go into a fund for getting a new machine. More often than not, frequent faults are the last kicks of a dying horse, and eventually, it will fail. Hence, you are better off replacing it in good time.

New Model Release

For businesses that deal with heavy copying and printing, technological advancements benefit their nature of work highly. Therefore, they benefit from keeping up with new releases as they come with additional features to improve the quality of copies produced. With well-maintained existing copiers, you can lease them out for some extra money or sell them as second hand and top up a small amount for a newer and advanced copy machine. More recent models are faster and more efficient alternatives for copying and printing needs.

Deteriorating Quality

Sometimes, nothing seems wrong with the copy machine, but the quality of copies produced slowly deteriorates. Usually, this is a telltale sign that the device has served its course and probably will never be the same again. Such copiers still can make copies, but they might not be the best. At this point, you may want to consider getting a new, more efficient photocopy machine rental, copies correctly and is more reliable for any task without the worry of compromised quality.


If your photocopy machine has served you well for several years, it is probably time to let go and get a new one. The age at which you replace your device depends on usage and the volume of work handled during the period of use. For businesses with large volumes of copies, you might want to replace your machines to retain efficiency and optimal service at three years of service. For copiers that handle less bulk of work, you can get around five good years of service before you may need to replace the existing one.


Sometimes the need to replace an existing copier may arise sooner than anticipated. It happens when you make a wrong purchase, and the machine you have does not cater to your needs as expected. It could be the copier is slow, high-maintenance, or cannot handle the volume of work that it needs to. At this point, it is wise to replace it with a more durable, efficient, and perhaps heavy-duty alternative that will offer better service. The sooner the replacement is done, the better it is for the business.

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